Homecoming 2003

A good time was had by all. Well, except Puck, but he never has a good time.


The Harshberger Family.

Steve Loper, Len Dattilo, and Troy (Bif) Maynard

Bill Sider. Isn't he cute?

Half of Dion Walz' head, Steve Loper, Jason (Puck) Thompson, and Jim Lesniak.

Puck and Dion.

Fred (Zipperhead) Schurger

E.Z. Hart and Not Ozgur (Pete).

Ally Bailey, Tri-delt '03 and Cornelius.

Joe Gland '06

Wayne Harshberger and Will Mathies.

Puck in his natural state.

Loper and Bif in their nature state.